Programmes Offered

Pre-Primary Programme

Areas of Learning

Practical Life

Daily Life Activities

The practical life area is that a young child explores in the Montessori Environment and is made up of special ‘play’ activities that provide real life experiences.


Senses are the gateway to intelligence

Without the sensorial memory the abstract functioning of child’s intelligence will lack wealth, precision and variety in thinking.


Language is barely a breath! A few voices strung together

The child at Montessori finds a great freedom to speak. The variety of activities that he performs gives him lot more exposure and a vivid experience, which will increase the scope of stimulation for precise and clear expression.


It all starts from 1-10

Involves associating number names, quantities and symbols. This area of learning follows a definite pattern based on which concrete materials are offered. The child conceives all the abstractions of operations.

Pre-Primary Activities

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