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Golden Arch Montessori School in Bangalore follows a unique and child friendly methodology of Dr. Maria Montessori. Golden Arch Montessori School in Bangalore was established in 2004 and has led fruitful & successful years with happy students. Following the philosophy of value creation, Golden Arch works towards making confident and independent children.

We offer safe and secured environment at school , Day care and Inclusion for special needs children.

Our Philosophy Our Methodology Our Team


"True Education broadens and deepens the mind as well as forges a healthy body. It is also a step towards a cultivated intellect and passion and the full development of personality".

Dr.Disaku Ikeda

Dr. Maria Montessori

"The yound child has an amazing capacity to absorb certain skills, without undue effort and with exactness that is unparallel at any other times in life."

A caged bird does not sing
A locked mind does not wander
The Montessori method opens doors to a child's imagination.


    Montessori Method
  • One to One learning.
  • Child Oriented.
  • Small & Secured.
  • Totally stress free.
    Traditional Method
  • Group learning.
  • Syllabus Oriented.
  • Big & Insecured.
  • Stressful curriculum.
    How to recognize an ideal Montessori?
  • Should have entire set of materials for all four areas of learning
  • Montessori trained staff
  • Based on principles & philosophy of montessori
  • Mixed age group of 30-35 children in one environment
  • Well ventilated class rooms
  • Scope for outdoor activities.
  • A Hundred year old, time tested and globally acknowledged method
  • Scientifically crafted materials implemented
  • Caters to psychology of child through activities having underlying concepts
  • Self exploration by the child leads to their ultimate satisfaction satisfaction and creates a seeking attitude towards learning
  • Individual skill development and a Comprehensive method


Anupama Eswar

Anupama Eswar is a passionate educationist who idolizes the Montessori method and its immense potential to impart true education. She has a flair for child psychology and has developed a profound insight into children through multidimensional working perspectives and a vast working experience in the sphere of education. Golden Arch has grown and established into a well matured Montessori elementary school with the keen interest and persistent efforts of our Director Anupama Eswar.

  • National Mother Teresa awardee (for personality and methods of education)
  • University Gold Medallist
  • 20+ years of experience in the field of education


GoldenArch Montessori Teachers Team

At Golden Arch Montessori School Bangalore, we aspire to change the world, one child at a time!

Thereby, Golden Arch is driven by a set of dedicated teachers, committed to impart values and spread the joy of learning whilst ensuring the child’s comfort and happiness.

Highly experienced teachers, with upto 12 years with Golden Arch

Montessori trained staff

Highly caring and reliable support staff

"The Golden Arch Family has merged together in spirit to unlock great potential in each child"

Mrs Girija, Co-ordinator

Pre Primary Montessori Trained from the IMTC. With Golden Arch since 2007.

"My life and morale has overturned for good after coming to Golden Arch”.

10+ years in Golden Arch Montessori School Bangalore

Mrs. Anjana

Montessori Trained from IMTC. With the Golden Arch since 2015.

"I can rightfully call it a home away from home"

5+ years in Golden Arch Montessori School Bangalore

Mrs. Aarthi

Montessori Trained from IMTC. With the Golden Arch since 2015.

"This is the right place to experience Montessori system at its best"

5+ years in Golden Arch Montessori School Bangalore

Mrs Ramya

Pre Montessori and Day Care In charge. With Golden Arch since 2012.

"Golden Arch is really a golden place to be with”

5+ years in Golden Arch Montessori School Bangalore

Mrs. Tejeshwini

Pre primary Trained. With the Golden Arch family since 2016

"Golden Arch has a pleasant environment and great opportunities for learning"

5+ years in Golden Arch Montessori School Bangalore


Elementary Montessori trained from IMTC. With Golden Arch since 2018

"It is a pleasure to work with our Directress Anupama who knows how to bring about the best in people and lead us in the right direction".

Ashwini Arjun

Pre primary Trained from IMTC. Elementary Montessori trained. With Golden Arch since 2009.

"I feel proud to be part of this team Golden Arch".

10+ years in Golden Arch Montessori School Bangalore

Sulekha Hazra

Elementary Montessori Trained. With Golden Arch since 2019

“I am appreciative of the positive culture and the mindset of the entire school staff which is highly encouraging”.

Mrs Saranya, Facilitator - Parent Relations

Pre primary Montessori trained, With Golden Arch since 2018

“What best joy, than being around children in this holistic environment"


Did you know?    Golden Arch is the first and most established school in HSR Layout.

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