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what makes us golden ?

Recognised By

The Indian Montessori Center

Recognised By

The Government of Karnataka

Established Montessori

Founded in 2004, Golden arch has perfected its exclusive schooling over years of value contribution

Multiple Intelligence Approach

Tied up with professionals for field trips, camping, theatre, yoga, swimming, karate, dance, chess etc

One stop solution

Extends day care, transport facilities and after-school activities

Safe and secure

Individual attention from staff and support staff along with CCTV surveillance

Flourishing alumni

Our first student secured CBSE All India rank 2 , reflecting the school’s ability to unlock potential

Did you know?    Golden Arch is the first and most established school in HSR Layout.

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about us

Golden Arch is a Montessori school fashioned to enrich your child with true education, imparting honourable guiding principles and human values. On June 23 rd 2004, a small structure destined to become a Montessori school took shape as the first of its kind in HSR Layout.

Golden Arch leads a progressive journey, fortified by the relentless support and compassion received from its parents, teachers and students.

The Golden Arch Family has merged together to unlock great potential in the child by venturing into new possibilities and driving the extra mile between good education and true education.


Did you know?    Golden Arch is voted amongst the top ten Montessori schools in Bangalore.

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Is your school officially recognised?

Yes. We have the official recognition from the Indian Montessori Centre, which certifies our authenticity in following the true Montessori method . We are also recognised by the Govt of Karnataka. This is mandatory for classes 1-5. This provides the student number in the government student tracking system, which validates a student's formal education.

How is the transition for Children when they move out into schools following conventional education methods?

At Golden Arch , the children are nurtured to be very skillful and adaptable. They are well trained in life skills and concepts, which puts them ahead of the syllabus standards of other boards of education. So, they blend in easily and often excel. Our alumni includes a CBSE All India Rank 2 holder. (From the first batch that has passed out of Golden Arch)
We also train our children with classroom sessions for writing exams (since exams are not a part of the typical Montessori education system)

Are all your teachers trained ?

Yes. We have teachers trained from standard Montessori Training centres. Most of them are trained from IMTC. Support teachers have completed a certified course and an extensive inhouse training. Some of our teachers have as many as ten years of experience with the Golden arch family.

Which syllabus do you follow?

We follow the NCERT framework . We also use books from ICSE , CBSE etc which comply with the Montessori method. Hence, we follow an integrated syllabus. Thus, the child can conveniently take up any board exam in the future.

My child does not speak nor understand any language other than the mother tongue. How will you communicate with him/her?

Initial communication is effective even at a nonverbal level. Children of this age are very quick in learning new languages. According to our observation, children learn the basics of the English language (our medium of instruction) within just a few weeks

How will the children transition to another school for grade 6?

We have tie ups with various schools, which enables a seamless transition. With respect to their concepts and academics, our Montessori trained children are far ahead of the other syllabus standards.

When do children learn to write in a Montessori?

Montessori children learn writing with a true sense of creating on their own i.e copy writing is never encouraged. Thus, a strong foundation with phonetics and Grammar are laid initially, after which they start writing ( age of 4). They are extremely thorough by the age of 6, at which point they can read and write anything around them ( not restricted to just the given lessons or syllabus).

Do you have exams?

Yes and No. We conduct exams from level 3 onwards. This is just to train children for their later schooling (outside the Montessori method). We do not assess them based on these exams as this is a very narrow perspective according to the Montessori standpoint.

Did you know?    Our Alumni, Theresa Soni is an All India 2nd Rank holder.

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