Programmes Offered

Elementary Programme

Areas of Learning

The 6 - 12 year Elementary programme begins with the offering of Dr. Maria Montessori’s classic 'FIVE GREAT STORIES'.

These stories spearheads diversion into various subjects.

Elementary Syllabus

Golden Arch follows the NCERT (National council of Educational Research and Training) Syllabs. Students are at par with the Social Standards.

All subjects take children to a different place and dimensions of the topic of study.

History and Geography

  • Interdependence of Humans...
  • Why one has to pay tax?

Arithmetic and Geometry

  • Why is the value of Pi = 3.14
  • Why do we convert the mixed fractions by multiplying the denominator with the whole number and then adding the numerator?


  • Writing is believed to be a form of expression and not a mere copy of text
  • We touch upon various languages like Sanskrit, French, etc. as a children fancy new languages.


  • Science is a combination of developing their love for nature and experimenting the natural theories.

Co-Scholastic Activities

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