Our Team


"Nothing can be more earnest, dedicated and commited than OUR TEAM"

  • Mrs. Anupama Eswar Mrs. Anupama Eswar - Director
    Golden Arch is ‘My Child’ and I promise to exert to keep up the essence of education through out my life.
  • Mrs. Girija Mrs. Girija – Academic Co-ordinator
    She has completed her Montessori Training from the IMTC. Multiskilled and an extremely committed individual. Is here since 8 years.
    "Hey! I am very Happy to work here with our team. My life and morale has overturned for good after coming to Golden Arch. Anupama Eswar, our Director is a Friend, guide , mentor and everything in my life."
  • Mrs. Anjana Mrs. Anjana
    Montessori Trained from IMTC, Very cheerful and extremely caring.
    "It is my pleasure to be part of this Golden Arch Group. I can rightly call it Home away from Home for the tiny tots."
  • Mrs. Shilpa Mrs. Shilpa
    Montessori Trained from IMTC, with 7 yrs of experience in working with Children.
    "I enjoy being here as much as children do, we are one big family. Everyday there is something new to learn for children and for us. Glad to be part of this institute"
  • Mrs. Aarthi Mrs. Aarthi
    Montessori Trained from IMTC, Soft Spoken and cheerful.
    "Very conducive environment for children to learn. This is the right place to experience Montessori system at its best"
  • Mrs Ramya Mrs Ramya
    Pre Montessori and Day Care In charge
    "She is very calm, patient and very efficient in handling children of all age groups. She is with us since 3 years. "
  • Mrs. Sumona Mrs. Sumona
    Bachelor in Education Incharge for Elementary
    "She works to Precision and creative. Is with Golden Arch for 4 years. "Golden Arch is a family to me and I feel at home" "
  • Mrs. Saroja Mrs. Saroja
    Support Teacher for Preprimary.
    "Hard working and an Achiever. With us for 2 years. " Management is truly committed to give Montessori method at it's best" "
  • Mrs. Tejeshwini Mrs. Tejeshwini
    Support Teacher for Pre Primary
    "Cheerful and Dynamic With Golden Arch for 3 years. " Hello! Golden Arch has a pleasant environment and great opportunities for learning" "
  • Mrs Ramya Karthik
    Elementary Incharge
    "She is a preprimary and Elementary Montessori trained. Very passionate to work with children and an extremely helpful person. Is here since 2 years. " Hey! A very good working environment,lots to learn and I enjoy being here". "
  • Mrs Amitha Mrs Amitha
    Support Teacher
    "Expressive and Charming. Is at Golden Arch for a year. " I love Golden Arch the best, of all workplaces" "
  • Mrs. Jeena Mrs. Jeena
    Elementary support Teacher
    "Pre Primary and Elementary trained. Very Passionate to work with children. "