Our Activities

Apart from working with the Montessori material, loads of exploratory activities are given to consolidate their concepts. All these activities are planned based on the multiple intelligence structure.

Little Speaker Day

Childrens are given an opportunity to speak about topics which are announced in advance

Themes for the month

Each month revolves around a theme. Eg., Seasons, water, sports etc..

Sound Days

We encourage the child to bring objects starting with the sound of the day

Color Day

These days become colorful for Golden Arch as the children and the Teachers wear the color of the day

  • Experiments
  • Music and Dance
  • Craft work
  • Field Trips

Activities of various kinds are performed to ensure learning and fun for children.

  • Music – Mr. Merwin the guitarist visits us to teach and enthrall the children.
  • Art Professionals too visit us as scheduled for Art and Craft activities.

Hence, the atmosphere at Golden Arch is lovable and fun filled, most congenial for the growth and development of the child.