Golden Arch Celebrates it's Sweet 16



Welcome to Golden Arch Montessori

Golden Arch Montessori is a private Montessori House of Children serving children between the age group of 1.6 to 10 years. Proposes an extremely creative, Innovative and fun filled activities. The natural environment here, stimulates the little minds, hence equal importance is given for their outdoor activity amidst nature.

True Education Broadens and deepens the mind As well as forges a healthy body, It is also a step towards, A cultivated intellect and passion and the full development of personality

The young child has an amazing capacity to absorb certain skills without undue effort and with exactness that is unparallel at any other time in life

It is a shelter, as valuable as gold that assures your child True education which imparts knowledge, honourable guiding principles and human values.

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