Parents Speak

"Montessori environment is magical. Kids being themselves/fearless around the adult in the class room is an inspiring vision. My belief in the system have only grown stronger after each observation."
Thank you Golden Arch.
Shyam Prakash ( Shaury's Father, Elementary)

"It was a very good session to see the children working with so much focus and gaining mastery over motor skills."
Good Job!!!
Divya Mathur (Vatsal’s Mother , Orchard Environment)

"Ridhima likes her school very much. Over a period of one and quarter year she has learned many things. I personally like the classrooms and teachers very much. Compared to the other children in my circle, Ridhima always seems very confident and friendly. Credit goes to the teachers"
Meera (Ridhima’s mother, Orchard Environment) 

"It has been an amazing journey for Aarav from a fumbling toddler to a diligently working 4 year old. Thanking you for helping him evolve."
Geetanjali (Aarav’s mom, Orchard Environment)

"I was impressed to see the less noisy classroom unlike traditional school. I liked the self driven and self phased learning. I should thank the teachers for their efforts!!"
PushpaGanesh (Iniyan’s father, Oasis environment)

"We are so glad to see that our daughter Manasvi is working independently within the 2 months of school reopening. She is happy to be here. Thank you very much for all the efforts!"
Pradip and Jhansi (Mansvi’s parents, Nest Environment)