“We welcome you all to the wonderland”, yes you guessed it right!! The theme for this month was ‘Wonders of the World’. Children were introduced to the ancient wonders of the world; seven natural wonders of the world and the new 7 wonders of the world. What better way to learn about them than watching videos about these wonders with their friends. Soon the nimble hands were busy doing activity sheets; cut color and paste on their scrap book and concluded the month making a model of a world wonder.

To celebrate Gowri – Ganesha festival, children made their own clay Ganeshas in the school and munched some sweets and savories. 

The Parents Teachers Meet was something Parents looked forward to. They go to know more about their wards’ social and academic skills. Thus concluded our journey into the wonderland and we all look forward to Dusshera festival celebration and not to forget the vacations!!!!!!!


After a month long travel it was time to focus on their eating habits and Hygiene. Yes the theme for the month of August was ‘Health and Hygiene’.
Theme for the Month: Health and Hygiene

We drew the children’s attention to their eating habits and cleanliness of oneself and their surroundings. The children did various activity sheets, watched Videos and made a collage around the theme. Theme culmination day was a big success and children carried home tiny booklets about Health and Hygiene.

Parents were always eager to know how children could work independently in a class room. We had the Parent Observation week where in the parents sat in a corner in their child’s classroom and watched their kids work with amazement. Needless to say there was a big smile on their faces when they went back home.

We welcomed the 68th Independence Day with the flag hoisting. While the children from Pre Primary were dressed up in the flag colors and performed a flag formation, the children from Elementary were dressed up like freedom fighters and spoke a few lines about them. The pyramid formation by the elementary children was a perfect way to conclude the day.

After a lot of activities it was time for an outing. The elementary children went to Vishweshwaraiah Museum and saw a Dinosaur show along with other science wonders. Thus we concluded the month and stepped into another month full of wonders!!




Come July and we were waiting to travel with the children. You guessed it right!!! This month’s theme was Transport.
Theme for the Month: TRANSPORT

After 2 months of travel and vacation we felt it is apt to start the month with Transport. We took the children on a journey from the invention of wheel to the experience of flying in an aero plane. The most exciting journey of the month was the field trip to the Car Showroom and Automobile workshop. Guess parents would have heard their tiny tots discussing about cars, car washing and repairs. The experience of going out with their friends and learning is an important aspect of the Montessori system. On the Theme culmination day the elementary Children refreshed the concepts learnt for the Pre Primary children through their skit.

Since the kids were always looking forward to go to school, the parents were inquisitive to know what happens at the school. We had a ‘Parent as the child’ workshop, where Parents came to school just like their children and experienced the Montessori material.

Towards the end of July children celebrated Guru Poornima in honor of their gurus or teachers. It was a sight to see the children dressed as various Gurus and speak a few words about them. Not to mention the children enjoyed delicious sweets after their presentations and went home with sweet memories.


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         And the journey continues ………...


Newsletter – June 2015
We welcomed the New Year with lot of energy and bigger space in our environments. It was a pleasure to see the tiny tots walking to their environments wearing a big smile. We had an Orientation program for new parents to welcome them into the Golden Arch family. This was to acquaint them to the Montessori system and the profound spirit with which Golden Arch works.
Complete emphasis for this month was to settle our fresher’s.

Theme for the Month: Panchatantra
What better way to start a year by reliving all the grandma’s stories. With the children’s memories filled with the vacation spent with their grandparents it felt homely to talk about Panchatantra stories.


While the Pre Montessori children were busy learning how to fold and unfold their mats and carry them, the Pre-Primary were busy working on phonetic analysis and Pink Tower and the Elementary children were engrossed learning the concept of square root, fractions, Noun and Mesopotamian civilization. 

Highlight of the month was the Father’s day when children expressing their love for their dads by hand printing on their dad’s t-shirts.  
Thus began our journey for the academic year 15-16.

Parents can look forward to many more such activities which are in store for their children.
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